Whos the better true freshman QB??

On July 21st 2006 the Virginia Tech Hokies signed 5 star QB out of Hampton high school Tyrod Taylor who has been nothing but success for a Hokie team in need of a QB. So far in his first two games he has put up great numbers for a true freshman. I am going to ask every Notre Dame fan out there a question. Who would rather have as a QB Taylor of Jimmy whats his name Clausen. Any way if I were an Irish fan I would take Taylor in a second because of his great numbers, 110.84 QB rating ain’t to shabby or his 25-49 on pass attempts. On the other hand Clausen who has a rating of 89.40 and his 32-55 passing wise. But everyone has there own opinion so I want everybody who reads my blog to pick between Clausen and Taylor and your reasons why. Who’s the better true freshman QB you be the judge.

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