A.L East race

The division known as the American league east has always had the same amazing and compelling old rivalry of the 26 time world champion New York Yankees and the 6 time world champs and division leading Boston Red Sox. But I truly think the war is between the two biggest and loudest fans in all of sports the Bostonians and the New Yorkers. Me myself being a huge Yankee fan have always disliked the Red Sox and even more there obnoxious fans. But on the other side of things my best friend Colin who’s 100%  Yankee hater has always said the same thing about  Yankee fans especially in   school and being teased about the team he loves, or when he goes to Yankee stadium in a Sox shirt. I also know a bunch of Yankee’s fans who have dared stepped in to fenway park and were treated the same way. In the end I think its all fun and games until somebody is drilled by a 97 mph fastball and there is a huge brawl going on in the infield.

One thought on “A.L East race

  1. Hey Matt,

    Good point. Many team’s fans always feel their rivalry’s fans are obnoxious. But we should always remember, the flip side can be just as true. However, I’ll have to admit: GO YANKEES!!!

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