Georgia vs ‘Bama

On Saturday 9/15/o7 the Alabama crimson tide defeated Arkansas razorbacks 41-38. I think that this week Bama will get a big gulp or taste of there own medicine when they welcome the Georgia bulldogs to Tuscaloosa AL. I think that this will be just another one of the many SEC upsets this season. Georgia will be supplied points by their sophomore QB Matt Stadford who is 51-88 with 621 passing yards and a QB rating of 129.96. Even with matt’s good numbers I think the Bama defense will give him hell. This trip will be lead by as of right now well no one ; because not one member of the Bama defense as proven them self to me. If you look at it this way, bama has been lucky for this not back firing on them. As a matter a fact I know they will not remain undefeated for the rest of the season. If they were a member of the ACC they would get a way with it but not in the all mighty and powerful SEC conference.  The SEC is home to the reigning champs the Gators of Florida University and the team I think should be Numero Uno the tigers of LSU. In the end I think this will end in the bulldogs favor.

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