Whos number 1 in the NCAA ??

This year 2007 in college football or as I like to call it year of the upsets and I call from 06-08 the years of the SEC. Some of the upsets have been devastating such as Kentucky beating Louisville 40-34, or Alabama vs Arkansas 41-38. But me myself and probably all u guys reading this wold have to say the 3time div.II champions Appalachian state Mountaineers embarrassed the Michigan Wolverines 34-32 in the Big House. But I think an even bigger question is who should be number 1. My pick is big LSU because of…well everything on all sides of the ball and the way they played against the VT Hokies. I am going to ask everyone who reads my blog to leave a response on who you think is numero uno in the college football world and your reason why. Thank you for reading my blog.

One thought on “Whos number 1 in the NCAA ??

  1. I have to agee. My #1 goes to LSU. Also, I think there is a big drop-off in talent after #4. USC, LSU, Oklahoma, and Florida look like they are in a different league than the rest of the teams. Next weeks LSU vs. Florida matchup looks to be a good one.

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