Divison I-AA football are they underated?

This year in college football there is something I have noticed no one else probably notices known as the Southern football conference. There are two good teams that no one probably cares about. One of the two are the Citadel who stayed with Wisconsin or ,the team the big ten shall never forget about Appalachian State who had the upset of a life time against Michigan.I would think that Appalachian State will probably get offers to play Division I-A ball with the big boys. I could picture them ending up in the Sun Belt conference with teams like Troy, Florida Atlantic ,and Arkansas State. The reason why I would put them in there is that they can handle those kinda teams in that conference. Also they could be a Boise State a Cinderella type of team that could pull big upsets every week like the on in Ann harbor Michigan. The Mountaineers would do great in a conference like that plus they could build a new stadium or even get more students and better recruits. In the end I think the two time DIV.1 -AA champs will feed of all of the reasons I have stated in this blog. All I have to say is watch out for the Appalachian State Mountaineers there on a mission to rain on your alumna’s parade!!



One thought on “Divison I-AA football are they underated?

  1. One reason they are underrated is they are not in 1A. I tihnk they could easily make the jump to 1A for reasons like you said. Marshall did it not long ago, right?

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