Joba The Heat!!!!

On August 7th 2oo7 the Yankees Brought in #62 Joba Chamberlain who in that inning he pitched he hit the speed every pitcher dreams of hitting 100mph. Also in that inning he struck out the side and had a standing ovation. At a Yankees game you would see flash bulbs going off for guys like Derek Jeter or A-Rod not a young rookie sensation. Joba also follows the tradition of classic heavy metal entrance songs such as Mariano Rivera who comes out to the same song as my hokies ”enter sandman”. Joba comes out to Motley Crue’s ”shout at the devil”. When you hear the name Joba who do you think of? Many think of Joba the hut from Star Wars. Me myself I think of an amazing rookie pitcher who throws hard and most importantly for all Yankee fans A guy which the Red Sox don’t got and we do. I want every person who read this post to reply to it and tell me if u liked it or u thought it sucked.

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