On Saturday 9/29/07 the Virginia Tech Hokies will host the North Carolina Tar Heels. This I think will be VT all the way not just because I love the Hokies but also because of the way they played last week against W&M. Tyrod Taylor is a great true freshman QB with the speed of a kick returner and the arm of a QB. In VT’s last game Taylor lead not just the Hokies but also W&M in rushing yards. The Hokie defense also had a big day with 2 picks one for a TD,5 sacks for a total of 42 yards lost. Anyway I think UNC should be prepared for a day in a loud noisy environment with a experienced Hokies defense. I think T.J. Yates is gonna have a day in the dirt or be extremely rattled by Enter Sandman and the Hokie faithful but Tyrod he’ll be motivated no matter what happens. I think the score will be of course VT on top 28-6 or even higher. Thank you to whoever read this post please leave a comment and what you thought of it or if you have any suggestions on how to improve my next post.(GO HOKIES)

2 thoughts on “VT VS UNC

  1. I agree that the Hokies should finish the day with a win. However, the Hokies better figure out what ails its offensive line and fast. Otherwise, the will be leaving Death Valley #2 with their feathers between their legs next week.

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