Saturday night on ABC the Trojans of USC will take on the Huskies of Washington University. I think this game will be one that USC will never forget because I’m gonna tell ya right now I absolutely hate USC I think they are way overrated and definitely beatable. I’m not saying there bad or anything but I just think they shouldn’t be number 1 in the nation I can name about 3 schools that should be ahead of them. To start this is my top 5 in order 1.LSU 2. Oklahoma 3. Florida 4. USC 5. WVA. Do you agree or disagree with my top 5 leave me a reply on who think the top 5 should be and why. Anyway I think the Trojans will be surprised by the Huskies Team overall. The score I think will be 31-28 and the whole Washington student body will be on the filed doing what Rutgers did last year. Also please leave a comment on who your top 5 would be for the NCAA.

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