New Empire

This year  has been a year of  confusion between the of the upset and everything else. Well as a New York sports fan its been a year to forget not just because of the Yanks. But because there hasn’t been a World Series,or a Stanley Cup, and a Super Bowl, or a NBA championship in 7 years in one of the greatest sports cites in America. On the other hand this year has been a nothing but greatness for one of least favorite Boston has had a year in which we the NY fans have had since the history of sports began. But I hate to admit it but there kicking some serious ass right now. This week will be the end of there college BC’ s journey of greatness as they head into Blacksburgh for a beating from the Hokies. But there professional sports teams are just dominate the Red Sox who are in the W.S. right now but I really don’t think that they should be talking right now because on the count that George Mitchell has news on steroids with all the big men or should I say Papi involved. Any way the rest of the teams are good. Thank You for reading my post please leave a comment. PS GO HOKIES !!!!!!!!! AND LONG LIVE ROCKTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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