College Football Rankings

Well its amazing how fast this season has gone. I’ve enjoyed this one a lot more than any other one because like many other NCAA football fans I love upsets. And if you like upsets this is the year you should be turning off The Nascar Cup and turn on the amazing finish of the NCAA football season. Some of the upsets I’m talking about are that 6 of the top 10 teams in the country with the exception of Georgia weren’t even ranked in the preseason polls. Also teams like Oregon and Kansas still have national championship hopes but unfortunately for them, those hopes are just below 50%. My prediction for this years National championship game is LSU vs Oklahoma. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for it to be Oregon vs Kansas but I don’t think that the people who actually get a say in it will pick the two schools that deserve it and proved themselves the way Kansas and Oregon did . I think Kansas will end up winning the Big 12 conference.  However they will not get a shot at the NCAA championship.  The same thing happened with the 2004 Auburn Tigers.  I think that they should really change the NCAA football championship system to a playoff were every one has an equal and fair opportunity to be the champions.  Also I think that there should be no at large bids in the bowl system because it causes a lot of controversy and it confuses a lot of people. Instead I think it should be conference vs conference for example the ACC champs Vs the Big East champs. I think that there would many benefits like the SEC champs vs the PAC-10 champs which would solve the debate with who is better between the two but also boost up the TV ratings. Anyway thanks for checking out my blog please leave a comment on who you think should be in the national championship game and why and also tell me if my new system would work or not and explain why.

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