Battle For The Commonwealth Cup

Well Virginia Tech has had a great season thus far. There are only two things that can make this season even better for Hokie Nation. First, they do the annual beating of UVA. Second West Virginia doesn’t get a chance at the national championship. All of that is what will probably be wished for by the tech fratboy who gets the wishbone. But in this years Commonwealth Cup UVA might actually have a shot to beat the Hokies something that they have only done three times in the last 11 years. I think this will be the year for UVA to beat VT because of Chris Long. He is a senior leader and captain for UVA. I still think that the Hokies will kill the Cavaliers and hold on to the cup for God knows how long. All I’m saying is this years game will be a close one and will either make or break these two hard working Virginia Universities. Also many people do not know the history between these two universities and there hate to beat each other. Well Virginia Tech has the all time series lead between the two schools 46-37-5.

To tell you the honest to god truth I’ve been to about fifty New York Yankees games but only 1 Hokies football game in my life time. If I had the chance to chose between the horrible area of the South Bronx where I have to be careful. Or an awesome college football town like Blacksburg Virginia where I can jump around like a maniac to one of my favorite songs of all time and fit in just fine. I think you know which one I would pick between the Crappy NYC and a great College town where I wont be made fun of or look “Stupid” for wearing Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange. Well Anyway this week has a lot to offer in the sports world like Missouri vs Kansas or even the Thanksgiving football games are pretty decent. Well have a good Thanksgiving everyone while I watch the Fighting Gobblers (A.K.A Hokies) gobble all over the Cavilers. blacksburg.jpg commonwealth-cup.jpg south-bronx.jpg

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