My Bowl Preview

Finally my favorite time of is here the winter. I love this season because 1. its the bowls,2.its CHRISTMAS and 3. its My Birthday. Well out of the three The Bowls are number 3 on my list. But what I really want to talk about in this post is where I think some teams will end up. Like for example I think that Virginia Tech will end up playing the final game in the Orange Bowl.I know it might be to early to tell in all but I have a lot of confidence in them that they’ll beat arch nemesis UVA and hold on to the Commonwealth Cup then beat BC in the ACC Championship game. I also think that realistically Kansas won’t make it through these next hard and tough 2 weeks were there might not even be a Big 12 Championship game in their future. I say this because if they lose against Missouri they will not even represent the Big 12 south in the conference championship game. I also think that Hawaii who hasn’t been talked about that much but is still undefeated should play in the Fiesta Bowl and have a shot against Oklahoma like Boise State did last year. I also do not think that Oregon shouldn’t represent the Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl because they are absolutely positively nothing without their Senior leader and captain QB Dennis Dixon. Instead if I were on the Rose Bowl committee I would put in Arizona State if their not already in the National Championship game. But as of right now this minute my National Championship Game would be between the LSU Tigers and the Kansas Jayhawks and of coarse you know what I think the Outcome would end up being. Well anyway Happy Thanksgiving!! and enjoy the rest of the NCAA Football season. GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!!! 

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