Orange Bowl

Well another year another bowl for the Virginia Tech Hokies. This years opponent is the highly overrated Kansas Jayhawks. I think as usual the Hokies will win but this time I think that they’ll dominate the Jayhawks.The reason I say the Hokies are going to dominate is who has Kansas played with a good defense?The answer is no one. The Hokies have only allowed 201 points this season. The best D the Jayhawks have seen is Missouri who has allowed 319 points this season.This game might actually be a challenge for the hokies. It is not very likely but the Kansas Jayhawks have a decent defensive unit. The only problem Kansas will face on D is to cover both the pocket passer Sean Glennon and the scrambling true freshman Tyrod Taylor.Also Hokie Nation will be surrounding the orange bowl while Kansas fans will probably be watching a basketball game or something. I also think that Kansas will be overwhelmed and have no idea what their doing while the 20 seniors on the Hokies will be enjoying their final game in the Chicago Maroon Uniforms.The Hokies should cap off an emotional yet satisfying year with a big win over Kansas and their “Wheat Boy” Coach. I think Hokie Hokie Hi in this game 45-14 Hokies!!! Thanks for checking out Sports Haven. Leave a comment on a topic I should talk about next. Oh,and Happy Holidays!!!HokiesJayHawks

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