Hokies 2008 preview

Well I know its kinda an early look but its time to look into the Hokies starting 08 lineup. I think the the Hokies wont be as strong and motivated as they were in 07. But I think that they will have by far the best offense in the ACC. I think the main key to their offense is going to be the running game. I think between Tyrod Taylor, Brandon Ore, and Sean Glennon the Hokies will be Sticking it in to the other teams throats. The Hokies will have to suffer with the loss of the one and only Brandon Flowers. I am also psyched that Macho Harris has decided to stay in school. I think Macho will be an awesome senior leader because he has seen how great it is to be a senior leader. Another big factor is going to be how they young receiving core will adapt to being the Eddie Royal type players. I also think that 07 was Glennon’s proving year which means that he’ll have high expectations for the 08 season. I also think that the linebackers wont be have as great as 07’s crew and still do a good job. I also think that 08 will not be as of a successful year for the Hokies. Anyway thanks for checking out Sports Haven also please leave a comment on anything. !!!!!!!!!!Macho Harris

2 thoughts on “Hokies 2008 preview

  1. I thought this was a good piece on VT. It was a little biased, but overall, I think you are right on, here. Good job.

    p.s. Check your private message inbox on Sporting News.

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