The Next Chapter

The New York Yankees are once again projected to be a powerhouse in the AL East division. Me along with many other “Die heart” Yankee fans want to see the next “Chapter”of New York’s finest soar like the 90’s.Seriously the Yankees have one hell of a farm system right. Also I’ll say this, that there is a younger version of almost every player on those 90’s teams. For example Melky Cabrera is like Bernie Williams and Phil Hughes is a lot like Andy Pettitte. And even Robinson Cano is a little bit like Derek Jeter. Shelley Duncan however isn’t like any former Yankees. I like Shelley a lot though because he brings a mentality to the club that hasn’t been their for a long,long time. A mentality that says “If you get in my way I am gonna kick your ass” and with that kind of mentality nothing can really stop them. Joba Chamberlain doesn’t really remind me to much of any Yankee.In a tiny way I guess he could be compared to Roger Clemens. Anyway I really do think that there will definetly be a lot more videos of the Bronx Bombers on You tube this year. Thanks for checkin out “Sports Haven” and also please check out my NFL Draft preview.

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