Joba as a STARTER????

Joba Chamberlain as a starter? Just the question itself seems slightly strange. This bizarre statement may become a reality by mid June of this year. I like many other bloggers have an opinion on this. My opinion is that with Joba up to the rotation the Yankees are solving 1 weakness but at the same time creating another. What I mean when I say this is that you now have a possible Ace for the rotation or you have a unstoppable force in the bullpen. What is gonna happen say if Yankees are up 5-3 over the Sox in the top 8th inning. What guy would every Yankee fan on this earth want in there. Exactly Joba Chamberlain. But if Joba ain’t in there who do they have thats gonna do a Joba like job. I think that Joba is the only “Eighth Wonder” that the Yanks are gonna have for a while. What the Yankees should strongly consider is bringing up some of the talent thats in the Minors right now. I mean really they brought up Darrell Rasner and look how he turned out. The two guys that should about right now be called up are Danny Giese (4-2, 1.01era, 53.2 inn, 44 SO) and Steven White( 4-2, 3.55 era, 50.2 inn, 35 SO). If you can get those two up even if you can use them as long relievers that would help. One of the main reasons that I think Joba is better off in the pen is that Mariano Rivera isn’t gonna be around for that much longer and you’ll someone who you can rely on for that role. The guys who I actually trust in the pen (Besides Rivera) are well…. NO ONE!!                

Joba Chamberlain

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