Nice Giese

Who would of thought that Dan Giese would be a major part of the Yankees starting rotation. But all that matters now is that he is. Dan Giese has 1 game under his belt and held this century’s Big Red Machine to a 0.46 era , 6 K, 1BB, and 5 hits. With those kinda numbers I would have Giese pitch against the New York Mess this weekend. The Mets (Mess) as you all know from my last post have been in one of their worst funks in the teams history. Believe it or not Giese is actually 31 so he is kinda to old to be one of the young guns and to young to be one of the old veterans. The thing that really impresses me about Giese is that he knows where to pitch the baseball. But then again I am only a die-hard 13 year old Yankee fan from NY so what do I know. Giese throw more on the slower side like say 85-89mph with is 4-seamer and 80-84mph with is wicked slider. I’m gonna say this and probably get some tough critics on me but I think that the Sox will go on a slump and the Bronx Bombers will rise out of the ashes and win the division and the pennant and maybe even the WORLD SERIES. But lets not get to much ahead of ourselves now there is still a whole 3 months left of the season. Dan Giese

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