AL East Fireworks

This weekend all of New York and Boston will be glued to their TV Sets. Thats right this weekend is Yankees vs Red Sox. Earlier this week the Yankees lost the Series to the Rangers and the Sox got SWEPT by guess who my rockin Rays. So now heres how the standings sit at 8:20 AM on 7/3/08

  1. Tampa bay Rays 52 -32
  2. Boston Red Sox 5O- 37
  3. New York Yankees 45 – 40
  4. Baltimore Orioles 43- 40
  5. Toronto Blue Jays 41- 44

As I have said in my previous posts the Rays are on the Rise and as you saw Yesterday on ESPN against the Red Sox yesterday I wasn’t trying to hate the Red Sox in that post I was trying to embrace the Rays. But anyway back to the greatest rivalry in Sports. The pitching matchups are as follows

Game 1. Jon Lester- (6-3) 3.48 era, 68k

Andy Pettitte – (9-5) 3.98 era,78k

Game 2.Josh Beckett-(7-5) 3.65era, 101k

Darrel Rasner-( 4-6)4.42 era, 38k

Game 3. Justin Masterson- (4-2)3.75 era, 37 k

Mike Mussina- (10-6) 3.87 era, 58k

Game 4. Tim Wakefield-(5-6) 3.72 era,73k

Joba Chamberlain-(2-2) 2.22 era,62k

These pitching matchups should make this series interesting like it usually is. I think that since the Red Sox and Yankees both had such a bad previous series they are both due for some good pitching and some power slugging. I also m gonna predict a split in the series the Sox take 2,3 and the Yankees take 1,4. Yankees Red Sox brawl So everyone keep your TV Sets tuned on to to game and GO YANKEES!!!

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