Yankee trade rumors

Its that time of year again the time of year when professional baseball players find a new team to call their home. Their are as you all know certain teams that make more moves than others.Some examples are the Yankees,Dodgers,Red Sox and the Tigers. Today I am gonna talk Yankees. Some of the needs or demands that the Yankees need are Left Handed pitching and a catch that can actually hit the ball. Also the Kansas City Royals and the Los Angels Dodgers are both expressing a lot of interest in Yankee 2b Robinson Cano.Between the 2 offers I like the Royals because they have a great left handed prospect in Ron Mahay and starter Zach Greinke. But still I wouldn’t make this deal because Cano is on fire right now. in his last 10 games he has 41 AB, 6R, 15H, 2HR, 7RBI, 2BB,4 SO and a .366 BA. With these kind of numbers I really don’t think that Robby is leaving the Bombers. Some other things I don’t think that the Yankees are gonna sign Barry Bonds because its NYC and they already have A-Rod to cause media attention. One move that I would love for the Yankees to do is to grab Orioles closer George Sherrill for lan Kennedy and Phil Hughes who have done absolutely nothing. Also this weekend  is round 3 of the Yankee Red Sox rivalry for 08. I think that this time around the Yanks will take 2 of 3 from the Bo-Sox and be 1 game behind the leader. I really just want the Yanks to get back in it to shut the Red Sox up I mean come on they can Talk the Talk but can they Walk the Walk. Enjoy your weekend everyone and Remember GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!

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