Bad News Bombers

As you all know I am a die hard New York Yankees fan and I say everything that is good in the Bronx. But I mean come on how can you say anything good about the Yanks now ? I mean they are as far as I am concerned done. They had an awesome bullpen but look how that turned out.Now they cant hit,pitch or even throw anyone out at second .The only thing that I am looking forward to is this years off season where the bombers will lose Jason Giambi, Hideki Matusi, Carl Pavano and , Bobby Aberu. And with these guys gone the Yanks will most likely pick up either C.C Sabathia or Ben Sheets. I would honestly prefer Ben Sheets because C.C is much better off in the NL than the AL . Were as Sheets has never even pitched in the AL . So here is next years Ideal rotation in no particular order…

  1. Chien-Ming Wang
  2. C.C Sabathia or Ben Sheets
  3. Joba Chamberlain
  4. Andy Pettitte
  5. Phil Hughes or Minor Leaguer

I really don’t think it’ll be setup in this exact order but the players may stay the same. As of right now I am picking the ALCS to be between the L.A. Angles and the Tampa Bay Rays. Most of you probably think I am gonna be dead wrong with this pick. I am right because come playoff time Evan Longoria and Troy Percival will be back for the Rays and the Angles well their just flat out unstoppable. I am also gonna make a prediction about the A.L East that the Yankees will make a come back to just fall short of the wild card but eliminate Bo Sox in the process I also don’t think the Mets will get in with the Marlins and the Phillies sluggin it out. My next MLB post will be my prediction for this years fall classic. See ya all next time here on Matt Burrill’s Sports Haven.

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