Tech Back In The Top 25

Its weird this year. It seems that when ever I do not watch the Hokies they win. I just dont get it. For example I watched the whole ECU massacre in my basement with some of my buddies and they Hokies lose. Then I haven’t been watching them for the last couple of weeks. Personally I am kinda happy I don’t live near Blacksburg because then Tech would probably lose all the time. Anyway now Tech has moved back up into the top 25 and this week they have cupcake Western Kentucky. Yes this is the same Western Kentucky that busted all of our brackets in March. This Hilltopper team has a 2-3 record and belong to the 1A independents with Notre Dame, Army and Navy. Their 3 losses came against Indiana,#2 Alabama and Kentucky. I think that Tech will win for these reasons.

  1. It’s at Lane Stadium
  2. I am not watching the Game
  3. Tyrod is on a roll

The Hokies are really coming along in my mind. I really like Tyrod more than Glennon. If you look at the numbers Taylor leads in several major categories like Rushing and passing.These next several weeks are probably gonna be the most crucial for Va. Tech. They play @BC,@ Fla. St, MD and then finally a game @Miami. If Tech can survive these games I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on 12/6 in Jacksonville FL. P



laying for the ACC Title.

Hokie Bird

Hokie Bird

One thought on “Tech Back In The Top 25

  1. Once they put Glennon in the game, the Hokies couldn’t move the ball. Tyrod fumbled 3 times – Tech recovered it 2 out of the 3 times. I am worried about some of the upcoming games. Next year has got to be better!

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