National Championship Picture

Well with every week the image of the BCS championship gets clearer and clearer. As of right now in week 8 their are many teams that are playing in extremley crucial games. Who woulda thought that there would be 4 Big 12 schools in the top 10 of the BCS standings. Another big suprise rhis year has been the Penn State Nittany Lions. Coming into the season they were #22 now look at them if they win tonight in Columbus against the Ohio State Buckeyes they might play for a national championship. Remember that coach Mike Gundy who went on a rant in a press conference saying “I am a man I am 40” well Gundy this year has led is team of to a 7-0 start. I however think that after their trip today to Austin,TX the Cowboys will be 7-1. I don’t even want to get into Hokie talk right cause in the last 4 games . My National Championship game right now would have to be Texas vs PSU. I know what your all thinking “why doesn’t he have an SEC team in there.” Well I’m gonna quote Lee Corso and say “Not so fast my friends” I just don’t see Bama outlasting their tough schedule. I chose Texas because their only challenge is when they go to Texas Tech this week. I wrote PSU because I think that on Saturday they proved to the whole entire country that they were for real.Their next couple of games are basically push overs @ Iowa , then finish the year at home against Indiana then Michigan State. The reason that I am not picking USC is because of guess who The Oregon State Beavers!!! But that ain’t the only reason I mean sure they beat Ohio State but so did Penn St. The Trojans will play in the Rose Bowl probalby in a rematch with the Buckeyes. This week I also got to watch Texas Tech for the 1st time and boy oh boy was I impressed. Graham Harrell the kids a monster 5 TD’s I mean it’s just a freak of nature and even better Michael Crabtree he should be in the NFL in has the potential to be a top-5 pick!!! At the bottom of this post I want all you guys to submit your BCS National Championship game.

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