Hokie Update

To think two weeks ago I didn’t want to talk Hokies but now I can’t stop talking about them. And I am not just talking about the amazing performance against Maryland on Thursday 11/6 for those of you who don’t know just hours before the game Logan Thomas the 6-6 265 lb TE out of Brookville High School in Lynchburg, Va commited to Tech. Thomas is the Hokies 1st 5 star recruit since Tyrod Taylor 2 years ago. I have seen several videos on this kid and boy oh boy is he special. But as you all know I got give some props for Darren”Get the hell out of my way”Evans. I still can’t believe we’ve got this kid for 5 more years. Next year we should also get to see a little bit of current Redshirt Ryan Williams (RB) and recruit  David Wilson (RB). Now this is gonna be the 17th straight season that the Hokies will get a Bowl invitation and all they need to do is win 2 of the next 3 and then they go to Tampa ,Fla for the ACC Championship game. I am really looking forward to next season when Tyrod is a junior so he has some expierence under his belt and so we have a couple of go to guys at reciver. What scares me to death is the thought of Bud Foster leaving for the Clemson job because all of you guys know as soon as he is offered a head coaching job he is packing his bags and leaving. Everybody vote on the poll for who you think should win the Heisman.Peace Out Homies 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hokie Update

  1. I live close to Clemson and the thinking around here is that they’ll offer the coaching job to Dabo Swinney – I sure hope they do! Darren Evans was amazing Thursday night! My husband has liked him since the season started. I thought Glennon looked pretty good Thursday night, too. Go Hokies!

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