Orange Bowl Champs!!

We are DA CHAMPS!!

We are DA CHAMPS!!

Well this season no one in the world thought that Tech would ever in a million years make it to the Fed-Ex Orange Bowl as ACC Champions.  I am just so psyched out of my mind because a lot of people don’t realize that we have Tyrod for 2 more years and we’ve got Evans ,Williams and are latest recruit David Wilson who will be playing in the All-America game Sunday January 4th on ESPN @ 8:00 est .  I would have to say that the most reliable player on the whole roster would to be DE Orion Martin. If you look at most of the games this season Martin has had huge plays in all of them. Especially in the ACC Championship game when he returned a fumble for a Hokies Touchdown. And then last night I would have put his INT right up there with Virgil’s and Chancellor. I was also impressed with Tyrod’ s pocket presence I mean sure he got sacked once but boy oh’ boy am I excited for next season. The one thing that I was kind of ticked off about was some of the play calling by Brian Steinspring. I just don’t understand why you would run the ball on a 3rd and long. Another thing that really and I mean really pissed me off was the stupid and ignorant commentary of Tom Brennaman. here is a quote from his BS commentary last night “And Tyrod Taylor and WEST VIRGINIA march down the field for a touchdown.” I was just livid ; How in the HELL do you get Blue and Gold mixed up with Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange !!! But then again he is announcing on FOX home of the YANKEE HATERS !! Thanks for checking out MB’S SPORTS HAVEN.My next post is probably going to be my annual draft board for the 2009 NFL Draft

Adios mis amigos 🙂



Orion Martin

Orion Martin

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