Yankees Offseason in Review

Around $500 MILLION that’s what the Yankees have invested in this off season. I am really excited but also nervous about this season. I am excited because if everyone plays good we got are selves a KICK ASS team. I am nervous because in NY my area has gone from true Yankee or Met fan to Boston Fan! I mean how could this happen which pretty much explains why I am nervous because they will torture me if the Yankees repeat another disappointing season. Also I have some insider scoop. I was in an ESPN mock Fantasy Baseball Draft Room with these random people who just happened to be Yankee fans. So their was this one guy named The Professor who is good friends with player agent Arn Tellum. Arn told him this ” The Yankees are waiting for the Dodgers to sign Manny Ramirez. Then they will trade Nick Swisher to the Atlanta Braves for Kelly Johnson (The Braves 2b). Then to complete the operation they would Trade Robby Cano to the Dodgers for CF Matt Kemp.” I know it sounds crazy but it actually makes sense and I’ll tell ya why. Cano has not done anything for the Yankees since 3rd base coach Larry Bowa has left NY. Bowa is currently the 3rd base coach for the Dodgers. Also the Yankees just will not survive in the Ferocious Monster that is the AL East without a CF. Kemp is the answer and he has the #’s to prove it. 18 HR’s ,76 RBI’s and a .298 Avg. I know those aren’t amazing numbers but they are better then Melky and Gardner combined and Kemp has a CANNON!! He was a huge threat in the field because no one would run on him.  I still do not know if this info is 100% accurate but it is definitely fun to talk and debate about.

Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp

Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson

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