Yankees Preview

The New York Yankees are often thought of as the most loved yet hated sports franchise currently on the face of the Earth. I am a Yankee fan myself and you know what I agree with it and you know what else I am damn proud of being part of such a large fanbase that is so hated. I have a BOLD  prediction that after this season there will be more Yankee fans than members of  The Nation”  up north. That’s right folks I am predicting the Yanks to top the Sox this season. I mean the Yankees are really starting to develop some good chemistry on the field and it is really showing.  And this is all happening without GUESS WHO ? A-ROID the biggest waste of 300 mill in the history of the world! I mean A-Rod here in NY is almost as hated as Bernie Madoff! I just wish that the MLB could suspened him so then we could all know once and for all if the yankees are under “THE CURSE OF A-ROD” I mean exactly what have the Bombers done since 03 . I’ll give you the answer a BIG-FAT GOOSE-EGG. Any way lets get back on task. Or as A-Rod says “Lets talk Baseball”. What the Yankees have this year that they have lacked in the last couple of years is a Killa Staff. I mean as far has Spring Training goes A.J Burnett has looked incredible and CC is almost there with making a connection with Posada. Another thing that I am pysched to see is YOUTH. Ransom,Chamberlain,Hughes,Jackson and yes even Phil Coke to me could all have huge impacts on how the Yanks are till the All-Star Break. Austin Jackson is supposed to develop into the next Bernie Williams and has already made a name for himself when it counted most in Spring Training. That’s right he hit a GRANDSLAM against the Nation!! You all have definetly heard of Hughes and Joba but here is a hell of a sleeper Phil Coke. Another important aspect to this team is the depth at outfield and DH. You’ve got Damon,Nady,Gardner,Melky, Matsui and there’s gotta be at least 3 more guys. Plus by the end of the season Jackson will supposedly take over in center puting Gardner and Melky as PPR’s aka Prefessional Pinch Runners. Also Posada’s back and they’ve got Texeria. Put it this way if the Yanks don’t return to the playoffs or as I would call it to them “Home” this season I will be speechless. And if they don’t win it all in next several years the “Final Four” Members of the Yankee Dynasty(Jeter,Rivera,Posada and Petitte) might not get another ring. I have a really scary poster in my basement it reads “The Next Generation” and its a picture of Bernie Williams,Jeter and Petitte!! I mean it made me feel old and I am just 14!!

Until next time thank you for checking out “Sports Haven” 

The good time

The good times

One thought on “Yankees Preview

  1. Hello !!! 😉
    I am Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that your posts are really interesting
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you:)
    Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

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