FEEL GOOD STORY/ Day 1 Draft Review

The NFL draft 2009 is almost in the books and what do you all think the headline is gonna be? Will it be “Stafford leads 09 class” or “Jets make big move for Sanchez” well I think that it will be titled “Next chapter in Feel Good Story begins with Oher to Ravens”. That’s right for those of you that don’t know Micheal Oher was the main character in the amazing novel and soon to be hit motion picture “The Blindside”. His story is one of triumph and determination. This beast  is 6-4 1/2 weighing in at 309 lbs. Oher was one of 13 children being raised by a crack head mother in the northern part of Memphis,Tennessee. Ohre often had to fend for himself to get food and shelter. The Tuohy’s an upperclass white family ended up taking him in and the rest will if it isn’t already HISTORY!! Oher has showed alot of upside and was a dominant force up front in the always tough SEC. I was talking with some of my friends shortly after Oher was drafted and they all said “Their on the waiting list for the jersey!!”

In my mind I have a gut feeling that this class is gonna be just incredible as far as down the road talent meaning Pro Bowls and MVP’s go. But I also think that their were some moves that just don’t make any sense what so ever. Like the Raiders well… Pulling a Raiders like move going Heyward-Bey instead of Crabtree. Also with all of their picks today there was definetly alot of talk comin in to today about the Pats dealing 1 of their 11 draft picks to move up and snag Mike Crabtree or B.J. Raji . One of the moves that I absoultly loved was the Jets taking Mark Sanchez VIVA LA SANCHEZ will be the cover  of the NY POST on Sunday 4/26/09. I mean you resolve so many problems and questions people might have about the Jets offense. I still do however think that the Jets are destined to be a SMASHMOUTH football team this year. My best draft grade of day 1 would probably have to go to the Detroit Lions. They got the franchise QB in Stafford plus Brandon Pettigrew as Stafford’s target at TE. They also got Louis Delmas who is one of the harder hitters in this year’s class. It will be intresting to see what happens in Day 2 of this great event. I personally think the Braylon Edwards will be out of Cleveland within the next 24 hrs. Until next time I’M OUT!!

Micheal Oher

Micheal Oher

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