Finally the Yankees did what they were supposed to do… WIN. Yeah I’ll admit it I was wrong about A-ROD and wrong about Swisher but at this point in the season my preseason prediction still seems valid. I know that they got off to a shaky start but I am gonna stick with my prediction of a NATION divided when the Yankees have their parade in late October.  I along with the rest of the COUNTRY am pleasantly surprised with the production of Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera and Fransisco Cervelli. I knew that Gardner and Melky were gonna be helpful but I had Austin Jackson as the 1st prospect to be called up not the ITALIAN STALLION . That’s right I actually have some faith in Franky because he has some that Kevin Cash and Jose Molina don’t have… a BAT!! In the preseason I also said that the Yankees were gonna have a killer bullpen but of coarse what I say about everything that ain’t HOKIES never ends up happening. I already have some ideas on who my AL and NL MVP candidates are AL 1st… Ian Kinsler, Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer and Carlos Pena. For the NL… Albert Pujols, Carlos Beltran, Adrian Gonzalez and Ryan Zimmerman. Out of these 8 names I like for the AL to be Justin Morneau and for the NL Albert Pujols. Both guys are power hitting 1st baseman and I have Morneau on my fantasy team. (Which is Beastly). But back to the Yankees.. I think that at the end of the season the rotation will be C.C., A.J. Pettite, Wang and then Hughes. The reason that Joba is not  on this list is because he will be in a bullpen “FAR FAR AWAY” and will be called “JOBA THE HEAT”. I also think that with this addition the bullpen will look somewhat like this. 6th/7th inning guys include Phil Coke, Jose Veras, Damaso Marte  andBrett Tomko. 8th inning is Joba and Brian Bruney. And then in the 9th is the SANDMAN, Mariano Rivera. If things turn out the way I think they will I’ll be saying how right I was back in May 19th 2009. Until next time PEACE IN THE EAST!!! 🙂



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