Hokies Preview

From the looks of things right now the Hokies have the potential to make a run at the BCS National Championship… To bad we’re in June!!! This year’s team has similar elements to last years team in that they will be more run than pass and pretty darn good on D!! But the main difference is experience!! This year Tyrod “U CAN’T C ME” Taylor is a jr, Darren Evans is the lock at RB and the WR’s will know what they are doing! One thing that this team will lack is a crazy DB with a kick ass Hair Dew… That’s right I’m talking bout my boy MACHO HARRIS!! Virgil should step up and be what Tech calls a normal DB in that he’ll talk and talk but will also be effective like Flowers, Hall and yes MACHO.  From what I have heard on TSL and from my secret source Ryan Williams  looked very impressive in the spring game. I have also heard that there will be some more WILD TURKEY in the Tech offensive scheme. I like the Turkey because you can have Tyrod get it, Boone bust it up the middle or have Evans/Williams run with the pigskin. The whole season unfortunately will be decided by one game on Saturday 9/5/09 Alabama vs Virginia Tech @ 8:00 in the Georgia Dome. This will be a good match up because both teams were exciting to watch and were lead by mostly young guns like Julio Jones and Darren Evans. Even with all this Offensive talent for Tech to have a chance its just gotta play BEAMERBALL and create plays where plays aren’t expected to be made.  I am gonna say that Tech wins the conference with there only competition being Georgia Tech and UNC. But after that I am just waiting to find out. So until next time I’m OUT like PAPI with out his precious  needle !!!!



One thought on “Hokies Preview

  1. I hope you’re right and they have a great season. I’m a little worried about Tyrod as QB. Plus, Tech’s first game is usually not great and having to play Alabama will be tough.

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