Gotta Go To Mo!!!

Finally…. I’m back! I actually still don’t have my pc for the 2nd week in a row so I’m writing this post from My Aunt Wendy’s house in Jersey!! But back to the topic The Yankees are now 5.5 games ahead of THE NATION!!! which means my predictions are coming more and more together like my steroid report with Papi and Manny and Phil Hughes is still just plain Philthy. Also I 2 weeks ago I  attended an amazing camp which was hosted by CBS sports man Ian Eagle (not EEAN or Iron) and Bruce “Bubba” Beck of NBC NY. It was at the Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair New Jersey where I had the chance to interview the ten time World Series Champion (Hes got more rings then the  NATION and MESS combined ) But anyway back to the title of the post “Gotta Go To Mo” which is actually the slogan of Modell’s Sporting Goods said by Ian Eagle. Mariano Rivera has been regarded or thought of as the best or at least one of the best closers in the history of our past time. Witha career ERA of 2.27 and 514 saves recorded its no wonder “The Sandman” was one of the center peices of the great Yankee Dynasty of the late 1990’s.  I still personally think that Mo has at least 3 to 4 good years left in him which could give him enough time to record close to 700 career saves. Also to settle the debate here in the Tri-State NY are I would pick Mo over K-Roid in a second and because I’m just a Yankees Fanatic but also cause I don’t believe the media. I mean remember when BESPN “Boston Entertainment Sports Network” kept on saying that Derek Jeter was done and a washed up second tier Shortstop well… look at him mow he’s batting .314 and has only 5 E’s at SS plus I’ve seen him make the lunging move back showing off his great armstrenth on a ball hit right in the middle of him an A-Rod. Also I just want to point out that with the K-Roid comment I mean on my list of unconfirmed steroid names from 2003. Which you should all check out called “New Steroid Report” in my archives.  And if all you regular readers here at Sports Haven are wondering NO!! I AM NOT THE LEAK THAT THE TIMES IS GETTING THESE NAMES FROM!!! Until next time I’m Matt Burrill and thanks for checking out Sports Haven.

Mariano in the Glory Days

Mariano in the Glory Days

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