What a Year!!!!

What a Year!!! The New York Yankees have finally returned to their winning ways and captured their 16th AL East Division title. And if that wasn’t sweet it was the Bombers 100th win of the year and it game at the disposal of GUESS WHO…. THE NATION. There were two key elements that I think made this team great. The first one being the chemistry which I hadn’t seen before as a 14 year old Yankee Fan and the 2nd element that sent the Bombers “SKY HIGH”  Was their ability to get the job done in the clutch. I mean if they were down by  5 runs in the 7th inning or later you thought they still had a shot… It was that kind of year and it is what many Yankee Fans or as I like to call us THE COUNTRY expected coming into the season. Besides that I had the pleasure of going to the game on Saturday and Boy O’ Boy did it bring back some good memories from the empty Cathedral across the street. I wouldn’t call it SHAKING quite yet but it was really getting up there. This past weekend had 2 negatives and 3 positives. I’ll start with the bad news…. I go to South High School and we have a huge rivalry with North High School. So every year the two   get together and battle for the Supervisor’s Cup. We’ve had the trophy for the last 6 year in and We lost it. And if that weren’t bad enough on the JV team we lost on North’s  field the following morning but now on to the good news. 1. The Hokies KILLED the Canes as Jacory Harris got his first taste of the wet, cold and loud  arena that is Lane Stadium/Worsham Field. 2. The New York Football Giants…. Another week of dominance from Big Blue as they get ready for another 2 weeks of fun vs the Chiefs and the Raiders!! They should be 5-0 by week 6!! and I saved the Best for Last 3. The Yankees clinching the AL EAST, Homefield Advantage and BEATING THE SAWX!! The one I thing I didn’t enjoy about the game were the worst and most controversial broadcasting team of Steve Phillips, John Miller and Joey”DUMB DUMB” Morgan!!! I know I am not the first to say this but those guys are just terrible!! They’re almost as bad as the NBC Football crew or as I call them the “T-FAGS” or (Typical Football Analyst Guys). Back to the Yankees… The big keys to the post season are going to be A.J. Burnett who has been very inconsistent lately, Joba Chamberlain and seeing how he does with where ever Girardi decides to put him, and probably the biggest key or factor for the Yanks in October will b non other than the man worth 300 million Alex Rodriquez who hasn’t done anything for the Yanks when really counts in the playoffs !! I predicted the Yankees would win the World Series and so far that idea is still with really only 3 teams standing in there way things look very good for the Bombers in October!!

Yankees Win

Yankees Win

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