Nightmare in Blacksburg!!

Thursday  October 29th  at 7:30 pm in Rocking Lane Stadium is where and when the North Carolina Tarheels will be welcomed to the nightmare that is Thursday Night Football in Blacksburg,Va. And if that’s not bad enough it’s Halloween Weekend. This Nightmare will begin with the entrance of the Bloodthirsty Monsters themselves THE VIRGINIA TECH HOKIES to the Terrifying music of Enter Sandman with 66,000 members of Hokie Nation on their feet. Once the pregame ritual is over the Tarheels will battle for their lives against the beasts like Kam Chancellor , Cody Grimm , Jason Worilds and Dorian Porch who shall OBLITERATE the Heels in their  SKY BLUE jerseys. Once the beasts take care of the bait the speedy gobblers like Tyrod “T-MOBILE” Taylor and Dyrell Roberts will run the oblivious men in front of them right back to the playpen from which they came  known as “Chapel Hill”by using the skin of the pigs that they had slaughtered in the previous beating they had given.Now most importantly  the prophet of the Hokie gods will have his say in the matter of how and what to do will the Heels with his devilish Dreadlocks and powerful legs  Ryan Williams will unleash the true power of the Dark Side on these basketball worshiping Rams!!And I mustn’t forget the Evil Monkey’s from the closet who will use the Gorilla Warfare tactic of “Beamer Ball” to reek havoc and chaos on the Kicker and Punter of the Heels and the footballs that will be coming off their feminine 5.5 size feet!!! That is the story of what will happen on Thursday Night which will be better known as the HOKIES NIGHT OF FRIGHT!!!!!!! Thank you for reading my story today and please tell as many friends or family members as you may that they shall not listen to the ignorance that is Mark May and if you  are not a follower of the Hokie Liege there will be Gobblers coming to siege!!!!

The Beast!!!

The Beast!!!

The Fright Begins

The Fright Begins

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