New Dynasty Same Core

Remember back in early April or even before that when everyone from the NATION AKA(The Mainstream Sports Media) Said how the Yankees were such big spenders and that these guys would all be busts and how theY “SUCK” and the SAWX would be “Numero Uno” Well guess what they were WRONG!!!! And I was RIGHT !!!!!! I mean what a year it has been for the MLB World Series Champs (It feels SO GOOD TO SAY IT and Type it!!) They got it done in the clutch, on the Mound and most importantly I think with their GLOVES. You could really put a turning point anywhere during the season for what really led the way to the “Canyon of Heroes” . But I say it was when Alex Rodriquez returned from the DL and had to deal with the brain sucking leech that is Selena Roberts ruined his life the same way she blew the whole DUKE Lacrosse Scandal out of proportion and got up to the plate and slammed a solo shot over the left field wall in Camden Yards in Baltimore where their were surprisingly more Yankee fans than O’s cheering and supporting the “A-BOMB” that had just been deployed in front of their very eyes!!! Another huge component was the veteran leaders that are the “Core Four” Derek Jeter , Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera who together have won a combined 5 World Series Championships and have a combined total of 20 RINGS!!!!



And the coolest thing I think is how they are all “Old Guys” but they had the same kind of thing going on in the early stages of their career’s. And now for guys like Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano and even a Fransisco Cervelli have all witnessed the feeling that Jeter and the other “Wise Men” have told them about for the past couple of years and now they will hopefully want to get back to have another parade throughout NYC. Watching this years addition of the fall classic made me think of a few things like: Philly Fans make Boston fans look classy,Jay-Z is the official entertainer or musician of the 2009 World Series Champion New York Yankees , and THE YANKEES are still Pedros DADDY’S!!!

Daddy's Little Devil

What is really going to be big for the Yanks and their quest of creating a Dynasty will be how they handle free agents Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui and Andy Pettitte who’s contracts are up. Here is my plan I would ask Pettitte if he still wants to play then I would get him to another small 1 year deal with a player option then I would let Damon walk and bring up the future in Austin Jackson and Finally I would do something similar to Pettitte with Matsui not in fear that he would go to another team but just I feel that Godzilla wants to go back home to his family and his fan base in Tokyo on a high note with his MVP honors in the Championship. I have put a poll up asking Yankee Fans to choose their most important free agent to sign. And I will leave you with one lasting remark. THERE’S ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP COMING THIS TIME NEXT YEAR!!!!!!


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