The Empire Strikes Back

Day 2 of the Winter meetings begins and who strikes 1st???? Well of course the 27 time World Series Champion New York Yankees!!! They made headlines with a debatable trade that is truly a hit or miss. They received All-Star Center fielder Curtis Granderson from the Detroit Tigers in a 3 team deal. Also in the deal they traded away lefty reliever Phil Coke and    Prospect CF Austin Jackson to Detroit and sent Ian Kennedy to the Arizona Diamondbacks who gave Pitchers Daniel Schlereth and Max Schrezer to Detroit and received hard thrower Edwin Jackson . Overall I think that this deal states two key ideas for the Bombers…  1. Damon and Matsui are most likely done in pinstripes and 2. Austin Jackson must not be that great of a prospect for him to go just like that instead of in a major package for Halladay or

Curtis Granderson

Marlins ace Josh Johnson.  I really do like Granderson in Center and I especially like that he is a left handed pull-hitter who’s got some ding in his swing. Another positive in this blockbuster move is that now the team is Younger, Faster, and most importantly better defensively with Melky now back to where his short career began in Left Field. There are still some definite questions that the Yankees Universe is still looking for answers to.  Like whats the rotation gonna look like with Pettite  signed and Wang still either hurt or just unable to return there are really only 3 men in the rotation as of right now which would mean that Hughes and Joba should both be starters come next year. What I don’t understand is why the Steinbrenners wanna break up the role that Hughes had as “Philthy Phil” .  I really do like the Yankees shot next year because they really have no holes at any position. But I wouldn’t say that they’ve completely gotten up from the table with guys like Halladay and Johnson in fear that the “NATION” will try to answer the Granderson deal.

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