My Heisman Prediction 09

Wow to think we have about 3 1/2 weeks left until the crowning of the 09-10NCAA National Champion. But almost as important as the BCS championship game is all the hubbub and commotion that occurs before hand such as. The Heisman and other award ceremonies and the other Bowl games. I thought that there was no way that any Heisman race would be as good or close as last seasons with only 3 Finalists (Bradford, Tebow and McCoy)  but boy oh boy was  I proven wrong. This years candidates are all unique and special in their own ways. I am going to start with how the ceremony is gonna go down by the finalists starting from 5th to 1st. 

5.Tim Tebow QB Florida :  Although he may be the greatest NCAA football player of all time Tim Tebow didn’t have his best season this year with a drop of 16.78 in his passer rating and his total Touchdown production also took a major blow with a drop of 12 trips to the end zone. Great career but he’s all ready got a trophy at home.

4.Colt McCoy QB Texas : He has the most wins of a starting QB in NCAA Football history and has been an icon since his red shirt freshman year. People were questioning how the Horns would be with out now NFL QB Vince Young and I would say that things have turned out “Alright”. The 1 thing McCoy hasn’t done yet is bring a Championship back to Texas. This year could be that year with prime targets like Jordan Shipley he’s  had his fair share of moments so far. Number wise it’s been a tough year for the 5th year senior with his TD production dropping by a whopping 15 scores and his QB rating falling more than Tebow’s I really just don’t see McCoy bringing home the hardware.

Colt McCoy

3. Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska : Probably my favorite candidate at number 3 Ndamukong Suh who over the course of the season has really turned some heads and with his 12 monster sacks and 82 tackles no wonder he won 3 awards including Chuck Bednarik Award for most outstanding defensive player. As much as I am pulling for big number 93 I just don’t see a DT winning the Heisman over the two talented RB’ s I have up next on my list but I think Suh will definitely be Numero UNO on my big board in a couple of months.

Ndamukong Suh doing what he does best

2. Mark Ingram RB Alabama : What a year Mark Ingram has had… coming into the year all this talk about how Bama would maybe miss Glenn Coffee now in San Fran with the dreadful 49ers. But wow talk about being off. With the starting job in the backfield Ingram has seen his carries increase by 106 touches and has rushed for 15 TD’ s and had over 1,500 yards this season averaging over 6 yds per carry. But maybe the biggest key for Ingram is a big fat “GOOSE EGG” in the Fumble column. Although Ingram won’t win this year he  is among the tremendous group of Backs that can and will contend for the crown in the 10-11 Campaign.

1. Toby Gerhart RB Stanford : Finally the countdown is completed with my heisman winner Toby Gerhart the senior RB out of Stanford. Gerhart for much of the season was a mystery to guys like me because I never got to see him due to regional coverage and stuff. But I remember the Cal-Stanford game when Gerhart on 20 Carries, rushed for 136 yds and averaged 6.8 a carry. And to top it off he had 4 trips to the endzone on just the ground!! From that point on I said “This guy’s gonna win the Heisman!!” And to think the USC Trojans wanted him as a LB!!! Wow talk about a steal for Stanford and a rebirth of a culture known as “College Football” at one of the best schools in the Nation. And all of the credit should go to this fine Power Running Back who I believe will be up on the podium and leaving with the Hardware.

Toby Gerhart a.k.a. Stanford's football SAVIOR

Remember to tune into ESPN on Saturday night and see !!!!!!!!!

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