GIANT Problems for the G-Men

Hey guys. I want to talk about the New York Giants defensive problems. The Giants defense had been dreadful since week 6. They are having no pressure on the quarterback and because of that, their weak secondary has been shown. There is no excuse for the Giants not getting pressure. With Pro-Bowl defensive ends, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora on the outside and could be pro-bowler Fred Robbins and Barry Cofield on the inside, the Giant’s should have the most sacks in the league! With the additions of Chris Canty from Dallas and Rocky Benard from Seattle that makes that line even better! And you can’t forget about Mathias Kiwanuka and Dave Tollefson! Their defensive line should be unstoppable! Since their line is getting no pressure it shows off their weak, young, and bangged up secondary. With Aaron Ross being hurt half the year and Corey Webster being not very reliable, the only cornerback who has shown to be reliable is second year player, Terrell Thomas. Also their safties have been dreadful. The biggest injury for the Giants was their second year star Kenny Philips. Michael Johnson hasn’t been playing well and since Phillips being out, the Giants have used C.C. Brown and Aaron Rouse who have been ok but not great.

Hear me out guys, I was thinking that going into the draft, if Kenny Philips comes back from his career threatening injury, I say the Giants trade Michael Johnson, their starting safety and a couple draft picks to a team that has a pick from 5-10 and the Giants should get a monster linebacker like Brandon Spikes or Travis Lewis. Now I know your thinking, what about the other safety postion? Well I say that the Giants transfer Terrell Thomas to safety because of his size and he gets more playing time but then the Giants should draft a solid corner in the second round. Thats all for today everyone. PEACE

Terrell Thomas (24) and Michael Boley (52)


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