Chick-fil-A Bowl Preview

Coming into the season the Hokies were possibly BCS Contenders with a solid Defense and good rushing attack… But boy o’ boy did that change. With an expected loss to Alabama in Atlanta and upset losses to Georgia Tech and North Carolina the Hokies still find themselves at 9-3 and matched up with a tough Tennessee Volunteers crew led by Jim Thorpe award winning Safety Eric Berry. Berry is part of a Vols defensive unit that specializes in stoping the run so it should make for an intriguing match up with Ryan Williams carrying the Hokies . I really see these two teams as evenly matched both on paper and on the field with defense headlining both teams.  I’m gonna analyze both teams…

Tennesse’s keys to victory

  1. Stopping Va. Tech’s rushing attack of Ryan Williams and get to him early in the backfield.
  2. A comfortable Johnathon Crompton in the pocket will be a direct affect on how much time the Vols O-Line can provide with Tech healthy pass rushers.
  3. Most importantly a usaually playmaking performance from Eric Berry and have him lead the team to a victory for him in his last game wearing the bright Orange.
  4. Keep Tyrod Taylor from leaving the pocket and provide a-lot of pressure both in coverage and with the big boys up front

Eric Berry

Virginia Tech Key’s to Victory

  1. Give Tyrod Taylor time in the pocket to make decisions with Berry lurking in coverage waiting for a lob pass
  2. Get Williams space to run- He needs open space and he has shown and proven it to the world that he can play and if given space he can be very productive.
  3. Jason Worlids , Cody Grimm and Kam Chancellor- Grimm and Chancellor are both playing their last games as Hokies and they definetly wanna make an impression.
  4. PLAY BEAMER BALL!!! By defenition Beamer Ball is the most exciting and explosive way to play football. It involes hard hitting, Block Kicks and Punts and Pounding it on the Ground…A-Lot

    Cody Grimm and Ryan Williams

    I really don’t have a prediction for the marquee matchup of two Divison 1 AA Football powerhouses.  However I would give the slight advantage to the Hokies because of the dynamic rushing abilities of both Ryan William and Tyrod “T-MOBILE” Taylor.  All I know is what I’m gonna be watching on December 31st at 7:30 pm Eastern….Adios and enjoy Bowl Mania or as I like to call it “The True Meaning of Christmas”  In case you haven’t notice I have a new writer here at Sports Haven his name is Mike Doddy but I refer to him as “Mikey”. Anyway as you can see he is a FOOTBALL FANATIC and also a fan of the Maryland Terrapins. He is a great writer and posses much talent as far as knowledge of sports and writing skills go. So read some of his stuff too. Thats all I got for you all today… Until Next time ADIOS !!!!!

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