R.I.P #15

Hey everyone, today at 6:36 this morning, Bengals wide reciever, Chris Henry, died from injuries sustained after falling off the back of his fiancée’s truck yesterday afternoon. Chris Henry has played 5 seasons with the Bengals and was drafted in the 3rd round, 83rd overall, in the 2005 NFL draft. Chris’s season this year was ended by sustaining a broken forearm against the Ravens. Chris’s career numbers are as followed.. Rec.- 119, Rec Yards- 1,826, and TDs- 21. Chris has gotten in trouble in the past 5 years, being arrested 5 times since being a Bengal. In the past year he has turned his life around and was suppose to get married in March 2010. Henry had 3 children. Hopefully this will give the Bengals momentum in the playoffs and winning the Superbowl would be for Chris.
Thanks everyone for reading. This is my last blog until Christmas when I get my new laptop! Happy Hollidays!! PEACE

Chris Henry

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