My Super Bowl and Pro Bowl plans

Over its many years the National Football League’s biggest game of the year THE SUPER BOWL has always been held at a neutral site. Although this plan has worked I strongly disagree with this idea of always having the game in a warm or dome environment. A little FYI to Roger Godell and the rest of the NFL the game of football isn’t meant to be played in 90 degrees of sunshine!!! It’s meant to be a contest of who the stronger team is and its about Contact and Rough housing and just not a big commotion of weather or not the Fans would go because it isn’t “The Perfect Day”. To me the perfect weather for Football is in 50 degrees at the MOST… With a breeze and maybe a little bit of rain coming down. As a player myself that is my dream game weather wise. Not in Tampa, Miami or Oakland but in the climate that it was created in. After all it is a FALL – WINTER  sport NOT  a summer or spring event. Here is my plan of how to determine the location of the biggest unofficial Holiday……

I would “Kill two birds with one stone” and make the Pro-Bowl mean something as well by making it a week before the Super Bowl or even at the Midway point of the season and make it so the winning conference gets to host the Super Bowl in their teams Stadium. I would also make the game full contact and make it a nationally publicized event like Baseball’s All-Star game or better yet like Basketball’s ALL-STAR WEEKEND. With Throwing, Kicking,Catching and Rushing contests and even throw in an Obstacle Course so we can see how the best all around player is. Back to the full-contact aspect… I would have it so you can hit the QB and have real game like collisions that would make true fans of the game want to watch it. Also I would shrink down the roster size so its like a real NFL Roster with a maximum number of players at each position. The Pro- Bowl wouldn’t be played in Honolulu any more either instead like the All-Star Game in the MLB it would be selected and would alternate year after year as to which conference would host. Also the coaches of the AFC and NFC teams would be the coaches from the previous  Super Bowl would coach their conference in the  game. Thats my plan and I think it would be good and work well but like everything else in today’s world “It would UPSET THE SPONSORS” And you know what they’re right it would but to hell with them its not about the sponsors they aren’t staying up to 11 pm watching their team play on the National Stage or spending $ 15,000 just to request a season ticket to watch a game. Anyway if the fans had a say and a vote I can GUARANTEE that at least 75 % or more of the NFL’s loyal fans would pick yes if given the opportunity to put this through and that is why I am giving you guys the members of SPORTS HAVEN a chance to vote on my system 

Thank you reading Sports Haven and have a Happy Holidays!!!!

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