Jolly Old St. Nick

Remember when I wrote about Curtis Granderson coming to the Bombers?…. Well at the End of that post I said that the Yanks weren’t done yet and did I call it or what ! The latest addition to the Yankees Universe is  former Bomber 1B/DH Nick Johnson.  Johnson played in 133 total games last year splitting time with both the Florida Marlins and the Washington Nationals  where he batted .291 had 8 Long Balls and an impressive .429 on base percentage. He was traded in December of 2003 for the Horrific nightmare “Javier Vazquez” who was part of that terrible group of busts that the Bombers took chances on such as Jose Contreas, Carl Pavano , Rondell White, Raul Mondesi and Randy Johnson. Now Johnson has gone full circle since coming up in 2001 he has played for 3 different organizations (4 teams in total :Yanks, Expos, Nationals and Marlins) and is back with the team that drafted him in the 3rd round of the 96 Draft. Johnson who is 31 years old will be the replacement for L.A. bound Hideki Matsui at the Designated Hitter spot. This is a perfect match considering that he has been battling with injuries for most of his career but now for the 1st time in 5 years he has the opportunity to only hit bombs especially a Lefty with some pop in the “Hitter friendly” confines of Yankee Stadium.  What Johnson also brings to the table is a legitimate back up for Teixeira at First base instead of the mediocre job that Nick Swisher would have done fielding balls out of the dirt.

Nick Johnson

This signing not only decided the fate of Nick Johnson but also the fate of Johnny Damon returning for another year in pinstripes. Johnny Damon who’s outfield skills have been just awful in left was in the delusional state of mind that he could make up to $ 13 Million A YEAR!!! That is basically a joke and he definitely played his cards wrong by using Scotty Boras’ “Book of Knowledge” to try and get the best deal possible. To be honest with you all Damon was easily my least favorite Yankee just because of how he was so hyped up and he could never get it done until this year which was not only a contract year for him and Boras but he also got the pleasure of hitting into the Jet stream of the short right field porch which is 314 Feet away from the Batters Box 81 out of his 162  games in 2009.  Overall I like this move because Johnson is basically stepping into a Jason Giambi type of role as a lefty power hitter whose job is to “HIT EM’ HIGH” only he won’t be playing the field as much which will likely help his numbers drastically. I am predicting that Nick Johnson bats over .300 this year and has at least 25 Home Runs in what will be his new favorite park. Overall I like what the Yanks are getting for a 5.5 Million dollar 1 year deal with a Mutual option that they would be stupid not to pick up. So long from my PC to Your ‘ s ADIOS and FELIZ NAVIDAD 🙂

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