Hokies Year in Review

Happy 2010 everyone hope you all enjoyed 2009 for it was a great year in the sports community and so was the decade of the 2000’s or as some will call it the “UH OH ERA”. But I am here to talk about what happened a half an hour before the books closed on 09 which was the Virginia Tech Hokies capturing their 2nd straight bowl victory behind Ryan Williams who broke the Hokie single season rushing record with a 117 yard night and 2 TD’s which added to his incredible season stats of 21 TD’s and 1655 yds rushing on 293 carries. He averaged over 5 yards a carry and really was the foundation for Va. Tech’s 6th straight 10 win season!!! (only 1 other team has done this… Texas with 9).

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams Doing Work

What the big difference maker or shall I say makers were the defensive front 7  especially 5th year senior playmaker Cody Grimm who as usual was all over the field on Punts, Punt Returns and Kickoffs. And his most effective spot  the Outside Linebacker position behind playmaking Defensive end Jason Worlids.  The other unit on Bud Foster’s Lunchpail Defense that played tremendous were the D-Backs like Rashad Carmichael, Cris Hill and Kam Chancellor. One of the big stories coming out of Blacksburg was that star Corner Stephan Virgil was suspended due to academic violations and that the secondary but that was actually one of the Hokies many strengths in the Georgia Dome last night. Now on to the actually season on what led the mighty VPI to Georgia Dome on DEC. 31st 2009. In week 1 tech kicked off their season against a much better Alabama Crimson Tide football squad. After that they won their next 4 game including an upset over the overrated Miami Hurricanes on a clod rainy day in the Blueridge mountains. Then came the struggles in A-town and at home. At Georgia Tech they gave up 221 yards rushing against an extremely effective triple option attack. Then at home with the Orange Effect and Brent Bowden’s rendition of “Enter Sandman” on Thursday Night primetime  they lost via dramatic field goal with time expiring. After that two-week skid then the warriors in Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange finished strong by crushing ECU, Maryland, NC State. And ending the season with the annual beating of their ugly step brothers the WAHOOS of UVA. Then you get the Bowl  Game last Night with simply Tech being Tech and beating an SEC team the only way that you can which is winning the battle at the line of scrimmage. As for next year they are losing Starters such as : Kam Chancellor, Cody Grimm, Greg Boone, Sergio Render and punter Brent Bowden. But if you thought the Hokies looked good with the ball this year think like the fans of the New York Mess and Wait till next year. With all the receivers, Backs and Tyrod “Super-T” Taylor returning they will be lethal!!! Also check out TECHSIDELINE.COM 4 all your latest Hokie News and Recruiting information. Enjoy your 2010

Hokies Celebrate

Hokie Hokie High!!!

4 thoughts on “Hokies Year in Review

  1. We turned down an evening out with friends last night to watch the game and boy, what a game it was! I was really hollering for Ryan Williams and I was just thrilled when he set that record. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Excellent synopsis. I am really looking forward to next year. As you said, Tech loses some good ones, but I think only 1 impact player (Grimm). I’m betting that the defense can fill those lost and be even stronger next year. And although the left side of the OL will be gone, I like some of the young lineman coming up. Next year could be a good one!!!!

  3. VT’s backfield is going to be scary next year…Williams, Evans, AND Wilson. Did you see one of Rivals.com’s staff writers found a common denominator formula that devised all the common elements of all the BCS national champs…according to that formula, the 3 teams that could be in the NC game in 2010 are Ohio State, Nebraska, and Virginia Tech. As a Husker fan, I’d love nothing more than to see you guys in the BCS NC game this winter…that would be awesome

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