New York Giants Season Review

Hey everyone, sorry for not having a post in a while. I wanted to talk about the G-Mens season. I think that some major changes should be made for the Giants. First off I think the Giants need to fire their defensive coordinator, Bill Sheridan, but they should put him back as the linebackers coach and they should get rid of Kevin Gilbride the offensive coordinator. I think that the Giants should release their middle linebacker and defensive captain, Antonio Pierce, because they need young talent. They should then trade up in the draft for monster linebacker BRANDON SPIKES. I think that the Giants should release punter Jeff Feagles and kicker Lawrence Tynes. I think the Giants should also draft a d-lineman in the second round like Jared Odrick from Penn State. I don’t think they need to get any secondary because I think their young and they can learn. I don’t think they need any help on offense besides another offense lineman because it can never hurt to draft one. I think the 2010 captains for the New York Giants should be
Offense- #10 Eli Manning and #60 Shaun O’Hara
Defense- #21 Kenny Philips and #91 Justin Tuck
Special Teams- #57 Chase “the beast” Blackburn
Being a Giants season ticket holder, I was very upset on how the Giants played their last game at Giants Stadium but I am looking forward to the 2010 season in the New Meadowlands Stadium! I’m sorry to Matt for not writing a post in a while.

One thought on “New York Giants Season Review

  1. Nice post Mikey but I just don’t agree with them releasing Feagles and Tynes because they Special Teams wasn’t the issue also they shoul trade Pierce so then they could get have 2 1ST ROUND Picks and use them to help the Linebackers and the DB’s

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