Super Bowl Prediction

Hey everyone, I wanted to talk about the 2009 NFL Playoffs and my Super bowl 44 prediction.  Here are the 2009 NFL seeding for the playoffs

            NFC                                                                                                           AFC

1. New Orleans Saints                                                                  1. Indianapolis Colts

2. Minnesota Vikings                                                                    2. San Diego Chargers

3. Dallas Cowboys                                                                         3. New England Patriots

4. Arizona Cardinals                                                                       4. Cincinnati Bengals

5. Green Bay Packers                                                                   5. New York Jets

6. Philadelphia Eagles                                                                   6. Baltimore Ravens


My Wild Card picks for the NFL Playoffs are:

#5 Green Bay Packers over the #4 Arizona Cardinals-#4 Cincinnati Bengals over #5 New York Jets

#6 Philadelphia Eagles over the #3 Dallas Cowboy-#3 New England Patriots over the #6 Baltimore Ravens

My Divisional picks for the NFL Playoffs are:

#5 Green Bay Packers over #2 Minnesota Vikings-#1 Indianapolis Colts over #4 Cincinnati Bengals

#1 New Orleans Saints over #6 Philadelphia Eagles-#2 San Diego Chargers over #3 New England Pats

My Conference Championship picks are:

#5 Green Bay Packers over #1 New Orleans Saints-#2 San Diego Chargers over #1 Indianapolis Colts

My SUPER BOWL pick is:

#5 Green Bay Packers over #2 San Diego Chargers

Head of the Pack

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