Big Blue Releases A.P.

Hey everyone, today the New  York giants released their starting MLB and defensive captain, Antonio Pierce.  Pierce, 31, led the G-Men in tackles in 2005-2008.  After being injured midway of this past season, the Giants knew it was Pierces time to go.  Pierce has been the Captain and defensive leader of the team since Strahan left.  Heres what the Giants have to do to get back to the Superbowl.  First they have to sign a MLB.  I think that Giants should go after DeMeco Ryans.  Even though 26 year old Ryans is a restricted free agent, it’s obvious that he is the best free agent MLB and he has speed which is the reason they got rid of Pierce.  The next thing they have to do is draft SS Taylor Mays.  With the MLB hole filled by Ryans, this would make the secondary so much better and would make their Safties one of the best 1-2 combo in the league.  The next thing the Giants need are LEADERS!!  Eli Manning is obviously the Captain and Brandon Jacobs is the vocal leader but whos going to do that on defense?  The two men who I think are going to step up are DE Justin Tuck and FS Kenny Philips.  These two are who I think are going to be the Captains for defense this year and are going to make the D back to the way it was in 2007 and 2008.  I also think that WR Hakeem Nicks and CB Terrell Thomas will be the difference makers in the 2010 season.  I think that Eli and Steve Smith will make the Pro- Bowl on the O and Tuck and Philips will make it on D.  Thats all for now. PEACE




One thought on “Big Blue Releases A.P.

  1. I think this was a very stupid release even though he was old he was a leader that is much needed on the defensive side for the giants, Now they will hurt at linebacker witch will open up NFC EAST rival Cowboys way in to have a good chance at beating them. One last thought if you think drafting a linebacker in the draft will fix all the problems that’s false because there is no backer that can step up first year in the NFL and really do much for LINEBACKER CORE OF THE GIANTS.

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