Time to Spend Some Money!

Hey everyone, yesterday was a big day in free agency.  Many of  the big name free agents were signed like Julius Peppers, Antrel Rolle, Karlos Dansby, Gary Brackett and some trades were made yesterday like Anquan Boldin.  Julius Peppers signed a monster contract of 6 years/$91 million.  Chicago made a few big moves yesterday in signing Peppers, Chester Taylor and TE Branden Manumaleuna.  Chicago was in need of players due to the passing of Gaines Adams and the Bears don’t have a 1st or 2nd round draft pick in the upcoming draft so they needed to make some big moves.  Antrel Rolle signed a 5 year/ $37 million contract with the Giants yesterday making him the highest paid safety in NFL history.  The Giants were also in the bid for Peppers and in the bid for Karlos Dansby but ended up gettin the 27 year old strong safety from the Cardinals.   Rolle will likely take the spot of Michael Johnson the SS for the Giants making the a 1-2 punch with Rolle (fast, good coverage, think interceptions) and Kenny Phillips ( big, aggressive, hard hitting).  Another big move yesterday was the Dolphins signing MLB Karlos Dansby.  Dansby was the defensive captain for the Cardinals.  He won Superbowl 43 with the Cardinals and was the man who picked up Aaron Rodger’s fumble in the crazy overtime win against the Packers in the NFC wild card game this past season.  Dansby will deffinatley make this defense better.   Gary Brackett was also re-signed by the Colts yesterday which was not a big surprise because he said he wanted to retire a Colt.  And finally what I thought was very interesting was the Cardinals trading Anquan Boldin to the Ravens for a couple draft picks.  Boldin who has said he’s always wanted to get out of Arizona finally did and this should help Joe Flacco be a dominant QB this year.  That’s all for today.  Keep looking for other free agent signings.

DE Julius Peppers


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