McNabb to Skins

Donovan McNabb

Writing this title surprises me as much as it probably does you… Donvan McNabb one of the top QB’s in the NFL over the last 10 years has been traded from a team where lets face it he was the face of the Philidelphia Eagles to the dreadful and hated NFC East divisional rival Washington Redskins. The Skins coughed up their very attractive 2nd round (37th overall) draft choice and either a conditional 3rd or 4th round draft pick 2 years from now . At first I had no clue of what to make of this blockbuster deal… but then after a closer look two major ideas busted into my mind. 1. The Eagles will either draft a franchise QB such as Colt McCoy or dare I say Tim Tebow or will stick with Mike Vick or Kevin Kolb. 2nd Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy’s interviews with the Skins must have been terrible!! Also this basically locks up the Redskins decision with the 4th overall pick to going BIG if you know what I mean!! OT’s Russell Okung of Oklahoma State and Anthony Davis of Rutgers both seem to be perfect fits for a franchise that once took so much pride in their O-Line or “The Hogs” as their monster fan base refers to them as.But Daniel Schneider is known to shake things up a bit so as crazy as it sounds there still may be something in his mind that could result in the drafting of Bradford or Clausen.  Anyway we will see what they do on April 22nd on ESPN. Now back to the meat of this deal…. Donovan McNabb! Over his long career McNabb has posted great numbers like a 59.0% Completion Percentage and has thrown for over 32,000 yards in his 11 years as an Eagle. Also even with his prestigious big name McNabb might have to win a position battle with the man he was brought in to mentor Jason Campbell who has been very streaky to say the least.  Now for McNabb it has not been that great of an experience to be in Philly where he was booed after being announced in the 1998 draft as the 2nd overall pick and he has always been just flat-out unappreciated. But now he has one of the greatest coaches in the history of the National Football League in Mike Shannhan who won 2 Super Bowls with John Elway late in his career and Elway had lesser numbers than McNabb. Overall I love this move on both ends. The skins because they now have a QB and still have their top 5 draft pick this season. From the Eagles point of view they recieved a very high 2nd round pick which is great with any team but especially with a team that drafts as good as the Eagles who in the last few years have found great success in rounds later than the 1st like last year when they selected no feature back than back up LeSean McCoy in the 3rd round. With that I say so long from my PC to yours !!

2 thoughts on “McNabb to Skins

  1. As much as I have always liked Mike Shannahan as a Coach, outside of John Elway he had never made a decent draft pick. I am not sure who will be running the draft for the Skins, but if it is Shannahan, don’t be surprised if he drafts a bust.

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