Final Mock Draft

Here we are 1 hour away from the 75th 2010 NFL Draft. This is my 3rd year doing a mock draft and I have to say that this is one of the most unpredictable draft that I have ever seen. Usually the 1st overall pick is signed by now but not this year where all but a contract negotiations have QB Sam Bradford going 1st overall to the ST. Louis Rams. The 2 and 3 picks also seem pretty locked up with Detroit taking DT Ndamukong Suh and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selecting DT Gerald McCoy. But after that any thing can happen!!! The Redskins who are known for shaking things up on Draft Day have the 4th pick followed by the Kansas City Chiefs. Also this draft will likely include many trades. Teams like the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills may look to move out of their current top 15 slots to teams like the New York Giants who are looking to move up and snag either Star MLB Rolando McClain or play making RB CJ Spiller. Here is my final mock draft so read it and weep !!  

1st Pick???


  1. St. Louis Rams– QB Sam Bradford; Franchise QB who will have good impact
  2. Detroit Lions-DT Ndamukong Suh; Most explosive player over last 10 years will help a desperate Defense in Detroit
  3. Tampa Bay buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy; Fast lineman major need in the Sunshine State
  4. Washington Redskins-OT Russel Okung; Skins have an aging line and Okung resembles old Hogs
  5. Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry; Speedy, Hard Hitting safety
  6. Seattle Seahawks– OT Trent Williams; Good lineman will fill big hole up front
  7. Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden; Speed and versatility big upside for young corner
  8. Oakland Raiders–  QB Jimmy Clausen; Al Davis can’t pass on this guy even if they need a OT
  9. New York Giants (From Buffalo)- MLB Rolando McClain; Will fill major void where Antonio Pierce once played
  10. Jacksonville Jaguars– S Earl Thomas; Hard hitting safety with major upside
  11. Denver Broncos– DE Derrick Morgan; Fast and explosive on the line
  12. Miami Dolphins– DE Jason Pierre-Paul; Local South Florida guy who will fill replace Jason Taylor
  13. San Fransico 49ers- C/G Maurkice Pouncey; Best Center prospect in a long time. Will give Alex Smith some time
  14. Seattle Seahawks- WR Dez Bryant; Pete Carroll needs a playmaker and Bryant can be that guy
  15. Buffalo Bills(From Giants)- DT Dan Williams; Will help Buffalo big time
  16. Tennesse Titans– OLB Brandon Graham; Graham will help a defense that lost veterans like Kyle Vanden Bosch
  17. San Fransico 49ers– OT Anthony Davis; Will help Smith buying time
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers– OG Mike Iupati; Will help an aging Steeler line
  19. Atanta Falcons– OT Brian Bulaga; Stable OT for Matt Ryan
  20. Houston Texans-RB CJ Spiller; Really will fall but will be an awesome addition to a very close Texan squad
  21. Cincinnati Bengals– CB Kareem Jackson; Will help Leon Hall in secondary
  22. New England Patriots– CB Kyle Wilson; Helps a weak Pats Secondary with speed and aggression
  23. Green Bay Packers-OT Charles Brown; Helping maybe the WORST O-line in the NFL Brown will be huge in Green Bay
  24. Philadelphia Eagles– S Taylor Mays; Will take over where Brian Dawkins left off at Saftey
  25. Baltimore Ravens– WR Demariyus Thomas; Ravens need WR Thomas is their man
  26. Arizona Cardinals- OLB Jerry Hughes; Will fill hole left by Dansby
  27. Dallas cowboys CB Devin McCourty; Great cover Corner who will do well at next level
  28. San Diego Chargers-RB Ryan Matthews; Local California kid will work with Darren Sproles at HB
  29. New York Jets– TE Jermaine Greshaim; Not much needs with Jets but do need TE to go with Keller
  30. Minnesota Vikings QB/FB Tim Tebow; I know Tebow has a lot of critics but will fit in nicely with AP and old team-mate Percy Harvin
  31. Indianapolis colts DT Jared Oderick; will help Dwight Freeney and Mathis down in trenches
  32. New Orleans Saints– OLB Sean Witherspoon; Best player available so why not 🙂

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