Old Reliable

Ole Reliable

Andy Pettitte… What does his name mean to you?… Is your answer” He’s past his prime and is going down hill” or “A steroid using Yankee” If either one of these opinions sound like something that you might say or think you are either a member of Sawx Nation or are just a Yankee Hater because both of those statements are false. To me Andy Pettitte means old reliable literally it seems that with each year of experience that he earns he just gets better and better. Right now he is currently 3-0 after pitching 8 shutout innings today against the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim(Try saying that 5 times fast) who will surely be contenders in the American League. Back to Andy… Over his long 15 year career (which is the same as my age) he has been a part of all 5 Yankees Championship ball clubs. He has a career 3.89 ERA in 471 career games and he has the best pick-off move that baseball has ever known. Unfortanetly for Pettitte the MLB and its loyal followers do not keep track of pick-off as a stat if they did I could almost guarantee that Andy “Old Reliable” Pettitte would be the all time leader in that category. Also he has been part of the Core 4 since he was called up at the same time as current Yankees Derek Jeter,Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada who each have enough rings to fit on an entire hand. What Pettitte has also been great for is getting it done when it counts… IN THE POSTSEASON. Last year he pitched in the epic Game 6 of the World Series where Pedro Martinez was reunited with his daddy who was holding the belt the Hideki Matsui used to wreak havoc on the Phillies and they’re horrific fan base. Anyway I look for Andy Pettitte to win maybe 15-19 games this season for the bombers and at the pace that he is currently moving at he could have an ERA under 3.00 and should rack up close to 210 K’s. Overall Pettitte is a sure Hall of Famer and I don’t see an end in sight for this experience South Paw. I think that Old Reliable will be remembered for many years to come for his efforts and his number 46 will be out with the greats in monument park along with Jeter, Posada, Rivera and possibly Bernie Williams. Until next time from my pc to your’s I’m Outta Here!! 🙂

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