New Baseball Writer

Hey guys we at Sports Haven are proud to announce a new addition to our team. His name is Andy Mosner and he like all of us here is a New Yorker. He does however differ from Mikey and myself in that he is strictly a baseball writer who will hopefully be able to be some what of a beat writer for america’s past time with a posting of scores nightly and his game of the day with a deep analysis a man of his baseball knowledge could provide.Also Andy is a huge endorser of the little guys in the MLB and is beginning to enjoy what the NCAA has to offer in the Sport.He will also have a weekly prospect report on the guys he thinks will have significance in the Majors. His is a freshman student with Me and Mikey and is Mets fanatic so he is having the time of his life as we speak. Anyway he will have many new posts and I look forward to having him. So to Andy good luck!

2 thoughts on “New Baseball Writer

    • Thanks Bermuda I’m debating on changing the theme but we’ll see I love writing with my friends and Mosner should be great 🙂

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