New York Yankees

The Yankees.  Ge’ez.  What is there to say.  they’ve got what is possibly the greatest infield ever assembled.  Tex, Cano, Jeter, A rod.  Holy Cow.  The one downside on that team is that their outfield is nothing like their infield.  Out on the grass, they’ve got Gardner, Granderson, and Swisher.  Not nearly as good as the previous guys.  Also, they’ve got Nick Johnson as a DH.  (I hate the DH.  Being a National League enthusiast, I dont like it all)

Theyre pitching is overrated.  CC is one of the best ion the game no doubt.  However, AJ Burnett is an elevated version of Ollie Perez.  Then Pettitte, who we don’t know how much longer than can keep this guy around.  I’m not saying Pettitte isn’t good because he is.  Than we have Javier Vasquez who is a guy that will pitch 200+ innings and record one TON of a lot of K’s.  Then Phil Hughes. 

I am SO glad they moved Joba to the bullpen.  Girardi was treating him like a baby with all that Joba Rules crap.  I guess, if you’re not going to let him be a real starter, make him your setup man.

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